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Your Personal Risk Number®

Brings Your Portfolio Into Balance with You & Your Goals

What is a Risk Number®?

One core part of a successful financial life is your investment strategy. We utilize a Nobel-prize winning mathematical platform, Riskalyze, to understand how to invest for you. Riskalyze has developed a 5-minute assessment that looks at how much risk you’re comfortable with, how much risk you have in your portfolio currently, and how much you should take to accomplish your goals.

Riskalyze Gig Harbor, WA Pacific Asset Management

Your Risk Number® is where we begin to get your investments on the right track.

Find Out Your Risk Number®

Learn About What Your Risk Number® Means

How It Works

Riskalyze Portfolio Gig Harbor, WA Pacific Asset Management

Assess Your Current Portfolio

The majority of people don’t realize how much risk they’re taking in their portfolio. Through Riskalyze technology, we can make sure that your personal Risk Number® lines up with the risk in your actual portfolio.

Recalibrate Your Investments

Together, we’ll review your Risk Number® against your current investments and make adjustments to better reflect the risk that is right for you. Your portfolio will also take into account your priorities and overall personal goals.

Riskalyze Recalibrate Your investment Gig Harbor, WA Pacific Asset Management

Riskalyze Stress Test Your Portfolio Gig Harbor, WA Pacific Asset Management

Stress Test Your Portfolio

We’ll walk you through various potential outcomes, showing you different possible gains and losses you may see over time. Our team will also put your new proposed portfolio through stress tests which will show us how your investments would’ve performed in the most recent market environments.

Accomplish Your Goals

Our final step involves understanding the potential risk and reward your new investments may bring. Our goal in doing this is to review with you all potential outcomes and possibilities, so we land on a portfolio you’re comfortable with—one that leads you to reach your goals. 

Riskalyze Accomplish Your Goals Gig Harbor, WA Pacific Asset Management

Get Started By Uncovering Your Risk Number®

Once you’ve taken the quiz, we can review your number and begin the process of improving your investment strategy.

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