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Creating Peace of Mind Since 1998

Serving the Pacific Northwest and Beyond from Gig Harbor, WA & Shelton, WA

Our mission is simple—provide Financial Peace of Mind. We offer straightforward solutions to make the most of your wealth throughout retirement. Together we will develop a tailored evidenced-based financial plan and be your advocate up to and throughout retirement.

Financial Solution Gig Harbor, WA Pacific Asset Management
Financial Peace of Mind Gig Harbor, WA Pacific Asset Management

Financial Advisor Gig Harbor, WA Pacific Asset Management

Why Do I Need A Financial Advisor?

At some point, all investors face what New York Times Columnist Carl Richards calls “The Big Mistake," otherwise known as buying high and selling low. It’s only natural. When the market drops, our instinct is to sell now and stop the pain. When the market shoots up, we tell ourselves it's time to buy, buy, buy. However, our odds of avoiding The Big Mistake go up dramatically when we have a good advisor. In fact, according to Richards, preventing clients from making The Big Mistake is an advisor’s primary job.

Investors can (and do) make lots of small mistakes: failing to rebalance on time, owning a mediocre investment, or being a little tax-inefficient, for a few examples. These are all things people can survive and still reach their goals. But if an advisor isn't using every ounce of persuasion they possess to convince their clients not to make The Big Mistake, then there is a major problem.  

Why Us?

“Selecting a financial advisor is one of the most important decisions you will make regarding your financial future.”

Not all financial advisors bleed integrity.  Our personal fiduciary standard goes beyond “best interest” – we are stewards of our clients’ success.

IconIndependent and Objective Advice

Unlike commissioned advisors, we do not sell investment products. As an independent Registered Investment Advisor, we have no ties to any investment product, so we can advise you based on your needs. The mutual funds that we use to build portfolios are no-load, low expense funds. We receive no compensation from the fund nor do we have any financial incentive to use them.

IconFiduciary Responsibility

As an independent Registered Investment Advisor, we have a fiduciary responsibility to put your interest ahead of ours.

IconComprehensive Wealth Management

We utilize a select network of estate attorneys, insurance professionals, CPA’s and other professionals to ensure that all your financial needs are met.

IconTax-Efficient Investing

We take income taxes into consideration when building portfolios and in all aspects of your investment decisions. When appropriate, we take advantage of tax-managed mutual funds.

IconSocially Responsible Investing

For those interested in socially responsible investing, we have access to mutual funds to build an equity portfolio to meet your needs.


The investment strategy that we use is prudent, time-tested and based on decades of academic research.


You will know exactly what our fees are as well as all relevant information regarding your account.

IconAccess to Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA)

The mutual funds offered by DFA are available only to institutions and a select network of approved advisors.

Our advice focuses on what we can control such as:

  • Creating an investment and retirement plan to fit your needs and  risk tolerance
  • Diversification
  • Managing expenses, investment turnover, and taxes
  • Tuning out the noise of the financial media
  • Staying disciplined through market dips and swings

What We Do:

Simplify the Investment Process Gig Harbor, WA Pacific Asset Management

Simplify the Investment Process

Plan for Your Retirement Gig Harbor, WA Pacific Asset Management

Plan for Your Retirement

Time Your Social Security Claiming Gig Harbor, WA Pacific Asset Management

Time Your Social Security Claiming

Help You Reduce Taxes Gig Harbor, WA Pacific Asset Management

Help You Reduce Taxes

Coordinate Your Retirement Income Gig Harbor, WA Pacific Asset Management

Coordinate Your Retirement Income

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How We Invest Gig Harbor, WA Pacific Asset Management

How We Invest:

  • We understand that we aren’t smarter than the market.
  • We know that nobody can time the market.
  • Diversification is key to capture the long-term returns of the market.
  • Your portfolio should reflect your risk tolerance and goals.

20 Thoughts on a Better Way to Invest Gig Harbor, WA Pacific Asset Management

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